Why “Back On Track”?

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Where We Are Located

We are conveniently located at the intersection of HWY 69 and College Boulevard in Overland Park, Kansas 66210. Located inside the Shops at Corporate Woods center. Look for the green-roofed shopping center across the street from College Lanes bowling alley!

Overland Park Kansas Back On Track
What We Treat

We treat way more than low back and neck pain. Our doctors are trained to treat all of the various joints in the body as well as the muscles, tendons and ligaments that join all of us together. We study biomechanics, the science of movement of a living body, including how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments work together to produce movement.

We Treat More Than Just Pain

Just like the children’s song says, our bones are all connected together and with their teamwork, allow us to move. Dysfunctions in movement frequently lead to pain or injury. Most of our patients seek our help due to pain. Our clinical experience guides us to acknowledge the pain but look beyond, to the whole body in order to find the true problem!

What Makes Us Different

Our clinical focus is to deliver a great experience to both those who never experienced chiropractic care before and those who are no stranger to getting “adjusted”. We know that in today’s busy times, sometimes we take our body for granted. Until it has a way of alerting us of a problem by way of pain, stiffness or loss of function. We gladly welcome those patients who need some assistance getting their life back. Whether it be from an acute injury or a chronic condition, we are here to help!

A Pregnant Lady, Grandmother, Rugby Player And A Priest Walk Into A Chiropractic Office…

Our doctors hold advanced training in postural rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, pediatric chiropractic, geriatric chiropractic, pre-natal chiropractic and are adept at treating not only the spine but most joints of the body. They also have advanced training in acupuncture, soft-tissue therapies, deep-tissue laser therapy, dry needling, therapeutic exercise and nutrition.

A Treatment Over 2,000 Years Old

Do you have a stubborn condition that has the experts stumped? We offer acupuncture as one of our services. The World Health Organization (WHO), has found acupuncture effective for many conditions and there are Cochrane Reviews (high–quality research reviews) available to demonstrate the effectiveness in migraines, tension headache and chronic low-back pain.

Relief Without The “Crack”

Looking for relief but don’t want to be adjusted like you saw on YouTube? Our doctors are trained in dozens of different chiropractic adjustment techniques. Our default is the “Diversified Technique” that many people associate with chiropractic. Many other techniques use very little force and are closer to what our patients would consider to be gentle movement of the body, similar to a massage. We have specialized tables that utilize the Thompson and Flexion/Distraction Techniques. Our Activator instruments aid us in adjusting small, tender or delicate joints where forceful techniques are not indicated.

How Long Until I Feel Better?

All of our services aid your own body in healing itself. A natural form of healthcare, we do not perform surgery or prescribe controlled substances. That said, response to treatment is dependent on the patient and varies person to person. Your insurance company has a database of how many treatments it may take for each condition and most of our patients respond within this timeline. If you are slow to respond, we may re-evaluate your care and consider other options to get you the best care. Even if it means a referral outside of our clinic to the appropriate caregiver.

Accepting Patients From Across The Street Or Across The Country

Our team members have experience serving the Kansas City metro since 2013 and have worked with many local celebrities, athletes and maybe even your neighbor or co-worker. Is it time for you to see how we can get you Back On Track?

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