What is “Maintenance Care”

We have been conditioned to know that we should see our dentist regularly for cleanings. We should take our car in for regular oil changes. We should exercise regularly. These are all examples of good maintenance habits.

Well, what about your spine and the rest of your joints? After all, you sleep in the same position every night, you sit at your desk in the same position every day and you ride in your car the same way every day. This is where Chiropractic maintenance care comes in!

Ever get that feeling where you feel your body could do whatever you ask of it? You feel on top of your game and life is easy. We all wish we could always have days like that. However what we do over our day, week, month and year can impair our bodies’ flexibility, coordination, strength and balance.

When you come in for maintenance adjustments, our doctors evaluate your spine and body to assess where you could use an improvement in your movement. If you have had a prior injury, we assess this area especially to monitor the return of any symptoms.

Because this type of care is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific condition. This is viewed as elective care and therefore not covered under most insurance plans.

Just like paying for your gym membership or buying healthy foods at the grocery store, maintenance care is a personal obligation. Some health plans do offer HSA/FSA plans that will pay for elective or maintenance care!

What’s YOUR goal for YOUR health? Do you want to maintain your mobility or wait until there is a problem to be fixed?

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