Questions we usually receive over the phone or in the office.

Does my insurance cover care at your office?

Most insurances cover Chiropractic Care (except KanCare and TriCare). Other services offered at our office are typically non-covered or covered with many exclusions. We offer affordable pricing and utilize ChiroHealthUSA to legally discount our prices to patients without insurance.

Do you accept CareCredit?

Yes, we accept CareCredit! Please let us know ahead of time if you will be using CareCredit as it requires some preparation on our part.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

It depends! Our care is focused on getting results fast however each patient case is different. We will counsel you on what you can do at home to recover as quickly as possible. Smoking, some medications and impaired immunity are all known issues affecting soft-tissue and musculoskeletal healing.

Does Chiropractic manipulation or “getting adjusted” hurt?

Most adjustments have little or no pain associated. If you have a painful or swollen area it may hurt just a little more during the adjustment. Most patients report decreased pain after chiropractic care, some experience muscle soreness from muscles being stretched. If you are in a lot of pain, we may use another therapy to treat the area until it becomes a better candidate for chiropractic manipulation. We do our best to screen our patients and assess the proper technique to produce the safest and best outcome for you.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Most of the time, no worse than a mosquito bite. The areas around the hand and feet do have more sensory nerve endings and will transmit more of a painful sensation to the brain. This is typically only for a split second upon insertion.

How long are the appointments?

Your first appointment we reserve a full hour. This includes the consultation, exam, therapy and treatment. More complex cases may use the full hour. Simple cases are typically not seen by the doctor for the full hour. Follow-up or treatment appointments are much shorter. We reserve adequate time for care, please alert us before your appointment of a new injury that may require additional time.

How much does care cost?

It depends! If you are using insurance, they dictate the price you will pay. Some insurances charge a flat fee or Co-pay, other plans have allowable pricing you pay before you reach your deductible.

What can I do at home to feel better?

Great question! The doctor will give you some at-home movement, exercise or stretch to begin right away, depending on your condition. We love it when our patients are actively involved in their care.

I saw this thing on YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, etc….

As we mentioned above, we screen and assess our patients to deliver the safest, most appropriate care for their condition. Our doctors aren’t focused on theatrics but delivering great results. We do love to hear about the different ways to move joints and make loud cracks that make “viral” videos but we may be chose a more appropriate technique for your care.