Optimal Recovery From Sports Injuries

Determining The Severity Of Injury And How Much Care Is Necessary

Most of our patients receive some form of rehabilitation for their injury along with a chiropractic adjustment. What seems like simple stretching, muscle activation, exercises and balance activities can have major implications for recovery of your injury!

Why Should A Chiropractor Use Rehabilitation?

When asked what makes our clinic different, I immediately think of the extra rehab we give to our patients to re-educate their body how to move.

Chiropractic manipulation or “adjustments” alone have a profound effect on how our joints interpret our environment and feed that information through the nervous system, spinal cord, directly to the brain. However, muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons change and adapt to injuries and how we use them daily.

Poor movement or posture creates additional stress on the bones, ligaments and muscles that keep us upright against gravity. To really gain the full benefit of the chiropractic adjustment, we need to re-educate the body to “hold” the joint and allow it to move as it should.

Do Chiropractors Learn Physical Therapy and Rehab in school?

Yes and no. Chiropractic schools have seen the value of adding rehab courses to the general curriculum. If you really want to gain knowledge in these areas, chiropractors need post-graduate training. Our doctors have studied various movement assessment and therapy programs from some of the great influencers. Dr. Craig Liebensen, Grey Cook, Gary Gray, Brett Winchester, Martin Rooney, Charlie Weingroff to name a few. They have advanced certifications in Sports Medicine and Posture Rehab. Proper assessment and then correct exercise prescription is the recipe for success and we pride ourselves in this expertise.

Dr. Martin with Martin Rooney PT at Perform Better Summit Chicago

But I’ve Done Exercise At Physical Therapy and It Didn’t Help

Have you been to physical therapy before and remember the hand-out sheet of boring exercises for your injury with no progression? We offer exercise programs complete with video-based instruction and progression. The added benefit of combining joint manipulation with therapeutic exercise allows the body to essentially “re-program” how to use that area of the body.

We love Physical Therapists, we refer to them often and we hang out on the weekends. If you didn’t respond well to PT in the past, let us assess and recommend a modification. Sometimes the addition of joint manipulation or simply a different exercise program may make all the difference! Our referral network has had success with the toughest cases and we refer to them when we can’t handle the case inside our office.

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What’s YOUR goal for YOUR health?

You are in charge of your body. Do you want to be able to tie your shoes without back pain or do you have a goal of running a marathon again? Depending on your goals, we have the program that will help get you there!

When you are ready to feel better, move better and live better, give us a call! We will get you back on track!