Spring Allergies In Kansas City?

Do you suffer from spring allergies in Kansas City?

Do you have more joint and muscle pain during the transition from cold to warm weather?

Do you get sinus or allergy headaches?

Do you feel the need to spring clean every year?

Springtime Allergies in Kansas City
Springtime Allergy Symptoms In Kansas City

Spring season in the Midwest can mean several different types of weather. Anyone who has lived in the Kansas City metro area has a story about that one late March snow storm or freezing rain. We also have our windy days. As the sun’s angle changes, the warm air circulates in, filling the void where the cold air was. If you ask anyone living in this area of the Midwest, usually Spring allergies come up in conversation this time of year. Good news, acupuncture in conjunction with a few other simple activities can help!

Why your body may struggle during Springtime

All these Springtime changes can be confusing to us. What do I wear today? Do I bring my winter coat, a spring coat or a rain jacket? Your body internally may have the same confusion!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is seen as a time for regeneration, new beginnings and renewal. Think of the new plants pushing up through the soil. The wind pushing away the cold and bringing in the warm. The rain helping to wash away what is dead and decayed from fall and winter. The first sunny days of spring bring all this to mind.

Spring Cleaning Inside Your Body

Inside your body, this is a time for cleansing, (think the urge toward spring cleaning and diet/ fitness regimens). The TCM philosophy is that during the Spring, our liver is most active in moving our “Qi” or energy through the body. (Also spelled “Chi” in some English versions.)

Symptoms of dysfunction in this cleansing would be what we call “Qi stagnation”, common symptoms being; neck and shoulder tension, chest tightness, digestive symptoms, PMS, migraines, poor sleep, irritability, and impatience or being easily frustrated.

To help us all get our bodies “back on track” going into Spring, here are a few recommendations;

  • Get outside and move! Stretch those tight muscles coming out of winter hibernation.
  • Expose yourself to natural light sources. Sun exposure at sunrise and sunset will assist your body in acclimating to the longer periods of daylight. (Daylight Saving’s Time anyone?)
  • Eat all the green, fresh, leafy greens that soon will appear at your local farmer’s market!
  • Organize your living and workspace, even your car. Research has shown that messy environments lead to lower self-esteem and more difficulty in staying focused.
  • Do some housekeeping on your thoughts. Have emotional messes that are sticking with you? Maybe this is a good time to seek mental health wellness! We have several referrals available for therapists and there are several online tools to assist with this!
  • One of the common diagnoses for our Acupuncture patients is “Qi” stagnation. If you are wanting to try Acupuncture for the first time or have been using Acupuncture as a wellness tool, this is a great time to get treated!

But What About My Allergy Symptoms?

Another common issue we see are Spring allergies in Kansas City. Common symptoms include; Dry, itchy eyes, watery eyes, sinus congestion, scratchy throat, cough and hoarse voice. Before you reach for your anti-histamines, consider why your body is so reactive to these allergens?

We can provide natural allergy relief or even allergy elimination by using acupuncture to improve the bodies’ ability to clear allergens from our body. Commonly we see a combination of Qi Stagnation along with challenges to the Wei Qi or immune system that manifest in exuberant allergy symptoms!

Choosing An Acupuncture Provider Nearby

Think that you are ready for some Acupuncture visits to get you ready for Spring? You don’t have to travel internationally to find a great Acupuncturist. Our Overland Park location is conveniently accessed by most of the Kansas City metro area via HWY 69 and College Blvd. We accept new patients with Dr. Callan Martin by calling our office at 913-276-0508 or email us here.